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Thempson is the manufacturer of Sterilization Containers, Surgical and Dental Instruments, from raw materials to product design, sale and after sale services, we consider to meticulously apply Total Quality Management System.

With this approach Thempson produce below products in line with world norms within its high technologic workshop;

• Sterilization Containers
• Surgical Instruments
• Dental Instruments
• Wire Baskets
• Silicon Mats
• Container Accessories
• Hospital Clogs

Our products are guaranteed for 5 years against any manufacturing defect. Thempson increases its success in surgical instruments field each passing day by manufacturing new and developed surgical instruments as a result of investigation and research studies of the specialist physicians and experienced engineers according to needs of global market.

Within our facilities which equipped with high technology devices at Istanbul, Thempson is developing on its constution under today’s modern instutional structure by without compromising on Quality policy, with its innovative structure, complete customer satisfaction, economic value-added products and services provided to doctors aimed to improving the life quality of patients.

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